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About the game:

A first person farming RPG made in unity.


  • Male or female playable character.
  • 70 x 130 tile sized farm.
  • 13 objects to place on your farm.
  • Buy a coop and take care of chicken.
  • Sell your harvested plants and earn money.
  • Buy a new house or donate for town improvements.
  • An open world to explore with items to collect and sell.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • An world to explore and with items to collect.
  • 3 NPC to befriend and counting.
  • ~ 30 items.


  • "wasd" movement
  • "i" inventory
  • "left mouse button" use
  • mouse to look around
  • "ESC" menu / cancel
  • "Mouse wheel" or "number keys" access items in hotbar


Dialogues are written from a non-native English speaker.


Time To Grow 64 bit 259 MB

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